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Among other resources, the Benchathlon Network aims at makeing available free software that we find is useful for the CBIR community in general and for benchmarking in particular.


Our SourceForge Source Repository In order to facilitate download of software generated under the umbrella of the Benchathlon Network, we have created a SourceForge project where all developments will be posted.

Free soft

The list of pointer below refers to free software packages that we think are of interest to look at.
  • The GIFT is the GNU Image Finding-Tool developped at University of Geneva. This framwework provides a plateform for the developpement of distributed CBIR. The Benchathlon is heavily collaborating with this project for the development of a common software context.
For non-freee software and other projects, please refer to our generic list of pointers

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The Bechathlon is part of the EI Internet Imaging Conference Our SourceForge Source RepositoryMRML: Home of the Multimedia retrieval Markup LanguageGIFT: Home of the GNU Image Finding Tool
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